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step 1

Entered Apprentice

The first step every Mason takes – the entry point of all Freemasons into the fraternity, into your first or ‘Mother’ lodge. All Someries brethren started here…

At this stage with us you won’t need any regalia of your own.

Passing Through

Fellow Craft

Marking your further progress is the second degree – letting all know you are now on your way and progressing, again we will supply you with this apron – passed down by many distinguished brethren who were here before you.

Rising high

Master Mason

The highest Degree in pure ancient Masonry – the 3rd degree, or Master Mason. Earned by showing commitment to the principles of Brotherhood, Charity and Honesty. A proud moment in any Mason’s journey, when, in our Lodge you will wear your own apron and the distinctive white gloves for the first time.


Past Master

After a time you may wish to take a further step in becoming Master of the Lodge. Conducting Degree work, leading the brethren and steering the lodge to success for a Masonic season. 1 year. Recognising this achievement is the Past Master apron.

Provincial Honour

Provincial Grand Steward

Conscientious, enthusiastic and motivated Masons may receive the honour to serve Masonry at a provincial level – the Provincial Grand Master and Stewards Lodge select a fortunate few from the entire province for this prestigious and coveted role – distinguished in the lodge by their ‘wine red’ regalia. Someries is honoured to have past and even current members who have risen to this position.

Provincial Recognition

Provincial Grand Rank

These honours are gained by continued and distinguished service to Freemasonry by Master Masons. It represents a token of deep respect, esteem and affection to senior Masons from the brethren of Province headed by the Provincial Grand Master who grants them. No special privileges are gained other than these sentiments, which for us hold tremendous value. 

Undress is shown here.

Lifetime comitment

Provincial Grand Rank Promotions

An Example of Full Dress Provincial Grand Rank regalia. Further promotion as with all provincial honours is on merit and service. Recognition for a life spent sharing brotherly love in a very special, ancient and honourable institution, caring for each other and the community.

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