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keeping Safe

Covid 19

Since resuming meetings at the pavilion, the covid safe site has remained a safe space to meet & conduct masonic business. although most of the brethren have had both vaccinations & bouts of C-19, thankfuly there have been so serious cases reported amongst the members. we remain mindful of the health risks & advice but encourage members to return to either take part in or comfortably / distantly spectate the ritual works of the lodge.

helping Members stay in touch

Lodge matters & keeping together

Video Calling, Phone Calls & Message Groups

Since the beginning of the outbreak of C-19 and throughout the pandemic meetings were suspended by the Grand Master in line with essential health advice and the law. We managed to keep In touch & stay connected with new (for the lodge) communication methods that are helping more attend business meetings & catch ups. Our latest general purpose committee meeting was attended this way to a great turnout.

Help with the Ongoing Pandemic

If any brother needs to isolate, falls ill or needs support in any way ~ do not hesitate to contact the lodge Almoner immediately.  Help and support with covid (like with everything) is at hand so please keep the brethren informed of your status and needs. If you know of any brother in distress, similarly, drop the Almoner a line and let him know.

Date for the Diary

Someries Annual Ladies Festival

Date Held

Saturday 24th September 2022

Sucess for the Masters

Due to the covid 19 restrictions, Someries missed out on its annual ladies Festival in 2021. Due to the reigning Master not being able to treat his good lady to an evening of masonic fun and enjoyment, the Current Reigning Master and the Immediate past master held a dual ladies night bash.

This was a night to remember and a well earned celebration by both Worshipful Brethren and their ladies, all the members of Someries, their wives, partners and friends. The event also supported the Masters charity. The pancriatic Cancer UK recievinmg over £1500

Picking Up

Lodge of Instruction & Meetings Resumed

Mike & Martin on the square practicing their ritual with the aid of the brethren.  

2022-2023 Season Programme finalised

Someries is now well into the resumption of active meetings & have tackled some of the rust in the workings. With the resumption of meetings also comes the resumption of the informal lodge of instruction. All brethren are aware of the importance and necessity of getting the most out of the LOI & are strongly encouraged to attend as regularly as you can. If you are in office or taking part in degree work it is essential, and if not your help and guidance will be warmly welcomed.

This is also a great time to catch up in person, something we all enjoy and sorely missed through the lockdown phase of the pandemic. Come along, you’ll be glad you did.

Lodge of Instruction

First and Third Friday of every meeting month




See Members Area - email from LOI Secretary

we will remember them

servicemen of someries lay our wreath

Someries Lodge supports the British Legion

Honouring the strong links between service to the nation and Freemasonry, Someries members share a profound respect for all members of the armed forces, present and past, that we owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to.

On the occasion of remembrance Sunday, armistice day, we join community leaders and collected groups in laying a wreath to commemorate and pay respect to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of their homelands.

We at Someries are fortunate to have serving and past servicemen amongst our membership, in this case it’s a generational thing – and its right they have the honour of representing our lodge and province at Luton’s remembrance memorial at the town hall.

father and son Alex and Callan pay tribute

remember 1

“Thank you Brethren all for all your support and dedication during my happy year as worshipful master.”

Message from the Master – W Bro Thomas Bennett

Up & Coming


Someries Lodge Installs Brother Martin Hannam to the Chair on 15th October 2022. Martin is a 25 year veteran Master Mason and has served the Wardens offices well through the challenge of the pandemic. All of the brethren are thrilled that he has accepted the honour of being elected as the master for the 2022-2023 season and are sure it will be a success for both Martin and Someries Lodge.

Festival 2026

See whats going on

The Brethren of the lodge continue to go flat out to support the 2026 charity drive – see how in the charity section.

Prov. Grand Lodge

18th October 2022

Represent the lodge & support the members of someries recieving promotion in this years Provincial Grand Lodge at the  Bedford Corn Exchange.

Someries Installation

15th October 2022

The Provincial Family Fun Day, with links to the recent Scouting charity drive will take place from 11:00. Details will be forwarded from Brother Secretary

You Stayed Together. all the way through.

Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master ~ V W Bro Nick Edwards


Staying In Touch:

We are online, on the telephone, on Video Calling, on Whatapp, on email & the province has a presence on social media platforms with a great group for light blue masons. make use of these facilities to keep in touch and stay informed.

ways to keep to keep together

make contact

Get in touch with us, ask us questions and tell us a little about yourself and your interest in Freeasonry,

meet Us

Meet the members of Someries in Luton, and perhaps progress your application - see if Freemasonry is right for you, and you are right for the Lodge.


Everything being agreeable, take your first step in Masonry by being Initiated as a full member of Someries Lodge - and the wider Global fraternity.