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Someries is


Giving what we can to worthy charities both local and national – helping causes that touch all our hearts



Meeting new people from the wider brotherhood, sharing time and companionship with old and new friends from the lodge and province

by nature


Learning and teaching an approach to life that is veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols – that helps us all reach our full potential as individuals



Knowing that we are helping those in need and each other, gaining recognition from our brethren for achieving milestones in Masonry and opening opportunities to help in new ways

enjoy a challenge


Masonry is progressive – as you achieve and learn more, you move up through the masonic degree system – taking on roles that help the lodge or even the province function, passing on what you have learned, and harnessing or developing your skills. Just like the Stonemasons of old

Most frequent questions & answers

Frequently asked questions

Every man can find a lodge to suit his pocket. The costs of Freemasonry centre on fixed costs like yearly subscriptions that maintain our spaces / administration and the cost of dining, if you want to join, these costs shouldn’t be a problem for you. Other costs like buying regalia and giving anything you feel you can spare for charity relate to your personal tastes and situation – so are entirely up to you. Think of it like any hobby you enjoy – you can spend a lot or a little, we don’t pressure anyone at all and your own life connections like work and family always come first.

No. Religions are openly accepting of all, have unique traditions, dogmas and make different spiritual claims and offers of salvation. Freemasonry has no claim to a religious text, makes no promises of salvation or absolution, and is selective of its membership. It is very true that belief in a supreme being is at its core – but without trespassing on religion, that matter is left to your own individual interpretation and Masonry will enhance any religious beliefs you may hold – not replace or compete with them.

Yes and No. Freemasonry at Someries takes good men and makes them better. Any advantages or personal advancement will be gained through an individual living a focused moral and upstanding life within their family, profession and their community – sharing time and a very special bond with other men with the same values and mind-set, in harmony. Someries Lodge and Freemasonry as a whole isn’t about any other kind of advancement – nor is there any power brokering, monetary gains to be made etc. These things fall into an incorrect representation of our fraternity – and we don’t entertain this kind of behaviour.

Contrary to popular belief, seniority in industry or personal influence is not a requirement. Nor is vast wealth. Freemasonry at Someries will however make demands on your time – so you’ll need to be able invest the time to progress. We meet 6 times a year and there are some informal practice evenings leading up to those meetings we commit to. There are costs associated with membership (see above) but these are not huge sums and shouldn’t cause you any issues if Masonry is right for you. Ability to get to and from our Masonic centre. A belief in a supreme being. No criminal history. These are the basics really… the best way to find out more is to meet with us and talk things over.

If Freemasonry is a secret – it’s the worst kept secret in history! The square and compasses are as recognisable and widespread as other big brands are today.

Freemasonry is not a secret society – nor does it wish to be. The secretive element of our fraternity centres around the ways in which we recognise each other and distinguish members from the uninitiated world at large. Also to ensure that entry to the spaces we meet at and admittance to the degrees we teach are reserved for those who have progressed formally – with the guidance of their brothers.

Once you are initiated into Someries lodge you will start your journey into Masonry. You will be a full member of this lodge and free to progress through the degrees. Someries Lodge is part of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Bedfordshire, the administrative body for all local lodges. The Province is in turn part of the United Grand lodge of England – basically the umbrella organisation governing Masonry in England and connecting us to other Grand Lodges Worldwide. By joining us you join a truly global fraternity of millions of brothers.

If you share our values and can meet the commitments Masonry asks – you shouldn’t have any problems fitting in at Someries Lodge.  

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Everything being agreeable, take your first step in Masonry by being Initiated as a full member of Someries Lodge - and the wider Global fraternity.