Joining Someries

Become a freemason

what to expect

the steps to joining the lodge

Within 7 days ~

Either the lodge membership officer or our secretary, who handles lodge correspondence, will return your enquiry & make contact with you.

Within 14 Days ~

The Lodge Membership Officer will arrange to meet with to informally discuss your interest in Freemasonry. They will take some personal details from you to progress your application and answer your questions. At this meeting you will be informed of costs - initial & ongoing, plus all the details you'll need to make a decision.

Within 6 Months ~

You will be invited to a meeting of the Lodge to introduce you to the current Members. They will ask you questions & you will again have the opportunity to ask questions of your own. You will be informed of the proposed date of your initiation.

Ballot & Initiation

The members of the lodge will vote on your membership, this is a time-honoured practice done for every member. If successful, you’ll be invited to the lodge and informed on how to prepare for your initiation. A unique and special occasion.

Why Join?

the right place for you

You’ll probably already know in your heart if you think freemasonry is something you’d like to do, if the time  feels right or it’s something you’ve put thought into becoming a part of. No one other than you is better placed to make that call. Perhaps you know a mason in your professional life or even within your social circles ~ or you may have never knowingly met one. Perhaps you’re new to the area & now is the time to indulge your interests & expand your social network of friends. It may be something that’s piqued your interest for a while now or could be something completely new & interesting. Here are the steps to you joining us. Someone may suggest joining but, it will be you’re own idea to be initiated.

begin your journey at someries lodge


make contact

Get in touch with us, ask us questions and tell us a little about yourself and your interest in Freeasonry,

meet Us

Meet the members of Someries in Luton, and perhaps progress your application - see if Freemasonry is right for you, and you are right for the Lodge.


Everything being agreeable, take your first step in Masonry by being Initiated as a full member of Someries Lodge - and the wider Global fraternity.