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The Royal Arch is the continuation of Craft Freemasonry. Meetings of Royal Arch Chapters are called Convocations and are seperate from the main lodges of Freemasonry termed Craft Lodges, and members refer to each other not as brothers but companions. A Chapter is ruled collectively by three Principals, elected for the year by the members. Most other Officers have different titles and functions from Craft Lodges. The regalia is totally different from Craft, consisting of an Apron with a red and blue surround, a red and blue sash and a special Breast Jewel. Companions also wear their Breast Jewel in their Craft Lodges to show the close bond which exists between Craft and Royal Arch. Someries Chapter enjoys a particularly relaxed and friendly gathering of companions and welcomes you to join us

Someries Chapter #5202

Every Royal Arch Chapter has to be attached to a Craft Lodge and take the same Number as that Lodge. Most Chapters also take the same name as their parent Lodge - Someries Chapter follows this tradition

What is Royal Arch Masonry?

Master Masons can, if they choose, complete their alegorical journey by joining - or being Exhalted into - a Chapter of the holy Royal Arch and learning further how to develop into a spiritually fulfilling moral life. It directly follows on from a Master Masons 3rd Degree and answers any questions remaining after the end of that ritual. The ritual is very diferent however and the order is particularly rich and colourful in terms of its meeting space and ritual worked.


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The Royal Arch ceremony deals with the period after King Solomon’s Temple had been destroyed and was about to be re-built by travelling stonemasons. The ritual is allegorical and, without trespassing on religion, leads the candidate, whatever his religion, to contemplate the nature of, and his relationship with God.
You will find that the Royal Arch is a beautiful Order. Most Candidates find the ceremony of Exaltation moving and impressive, but like all Freemasonry, as one’s experience of the ritual increases, so does one’s appreciation of the significance of the messages contained in it.

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In essence, Freemasonry is the study and work of a lifetime: the First Degree tells us of man’s birth; ignorant and having nothing: the Second Degree tells of how a man can build for himself a useful and respected life by education and experience: the Third Degree tells how a man will die regretted, with death destroying his earthly Temple, but with honour. Holy Royal Arch continues after the earthly experience of Craft Masonry and is exemplified by the prospect of building a spiritual life, or Second Temple, to replace the first, which truly is the fourth step in Freemasonry.

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