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Someries Lodge No. 5202

in the register of the united grand lodge of England


Meeting details

Someries Lodge Meets at 16:30 on Saturday evenings which most brethren find convenient to fit around their work schedule – some of us make a day out of it. Dates are always the 3rd Saturday in January, February, March, April, October and November. We break for the summer months and in December to accommodate vacation and important family time. Meetings last until about 7p.m and then we formally dine together, at the centre, at what we call the ‘Festive Board’.



meetings per Year

Someries Lodge members formally meet on the third Saturday in Jan, Fen, March, April, Oct and Nov – Oct being the annual Season opening or ‘Installation’ meeting


Lodges of Instruction

In the months we meet, we have two informal get togethers where we practice our Masonic ritual and catch up together for a couple of hours in the evening.


1 Lodge - Many opportunities

With visiting other regular Lodges, participating in Provincial functions & attending Masonic social events there really is a lot you can choose to do

“The value and teachings of Freemasonry have made me the man I am today.”

Provincial Grand Master
RW Bro Anthony P Henderson – Bedfordshire Provincial Grand Master

remembering the past

Since 1930

Someries Lodge takes its name from Someries Castle – A Scheduled Ancient Monument standing near Luton Town in Bedfordshire. It is one of the first brick buildings in England and was inhabited by Nobility since at least the 1200’s, starting with Sir William Percival de Someries. It passed down his line and then later to the Wenlock family around the 1420’s – who expanded the site. The ancient structure and name of the family who owned it inspired the founders of our lodge to pay tribute to the historic name and honour Luton’s rich heritage through our Lodge – linking it with Luton and establishing something that embodies tradition and longevity. Our banner shows the castle and our Lodge Room contains the same stone used by its builders to decorate the entrance of the castle.

Our founders left a great legacy – the lodge we love today. Keeping the origional traditions going and fondly remembering all those who came before us, inspiring the membership to this day.

enjoying masonry

our members

making a comitment

Someries members are committed to the same ideals and principles of Freemasonry that we all valued even before joining – and getting together formally and casually is part of that. We take the formal side of Masonic membership very seriously and our work within the Lodge when we close our doors reflects our passion and commitment.

There is a fun side too, and the social aspects of freemasonry are unique in that we share a different kind of bond to any other kind of network or club. Masonry is so much more than that.

At meetings we take care of the business of running the lodge, keeping the brethren informed of events, developments & work the rituals just as they have been for centuries. Outside the temple room we really enjoy ourselves amongst company we trust and deeply respect. One of the teachings of Masonry is that our time with each other on Earth is limited – & to really make it count.

Helping each other & our families is important, so we do what we can to make sure we look after those who are in difficulty or distress, and that doesn’t mean just other Freemasons… but much further afield too, in the community and across the spectrum. Charitable works are a big part of who we are.

knowing each other

Companionship, supportive care and forging true bonds of friendship are what we are all about. Every lodge is unique and Someries prides itself on the quality and passion of its membership, inclusiveness and the spirit of brotherly love.

Social Get-togethers

Curry nights, white tables, Burns night in January, Ladies Nights and just casual meet-ups for drinks and a laugh have been attended by brothers for years - all part of being a Someries Mason.

Sport & Interest

Lodge & Provincial Clay Pigeon Shooting, Golf and other sporting events are represented by Someries Brethren. All kinds of common interests like Sport, Motorcycles, DIY, Masonic historical research, raising funds for charity and even joining Masonic appendant bodies / side orders bring us together

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

From joining us to progressing through Freemasonry, offering you opportunities to join our charitable efforts and the hand of friendship when you need it most

Brotherhood - Relief - Truth

part of something bigger

A masonic Lodge is a group of Freemasons together, our members make up and administer our own private lodge. The building itself is the Masonic centre in Luton – within that is our meeting room termed the Temple. We show it the same respect as we would any site of reverence and veneration. The Province of Bedfordshire has many growing Lodges much like ours. The United Grand Lodge of England covers 48 provinces in England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. There are districts and grand lodges on every continent in every part of the world. ABOUT 6 MILLION BROTHERS TODAY.


A Saturday Lodge in Luton for Freemasons to meet, practice their craft & catch up. One of many similar Lodges


The Provincial Grand Lodge that guides and administers other lodges in Luton and the surounding area

United Grand Lodge of England

The Umbrella organisation for all Freemasons in the English constitution

World Wide

Other Districts and Grand lodges part of or in amity with us - forming the regular brotherhood, everywhere.
"What a friendly and happy Lodge you are.”
VW Bro Nicholas Keith Edwards

Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master

Our Membership Team are waiting to hear from you...

If you you have been thinking about Freemasonry & feel the time is right for you to Join – or you just want to ask some questions first, our lodge membership officer, lodge mentor & Secretary are here to take you through how to join & answer your questions

make contact

Get in touch with us, ask us questions and tell us a little about yourself and your interest in Freeasonry,

meet Us

Meet the members of Someries in Luton, and perhaps progress your application - see if Freemasonry is right for you, and you are right for the Lodge.


Everything being agreeable, take your first step in Masonry by being Initiated as a full member of Someries Lodge - and the wider Global fraternity.